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In the span of less than three years, Morning Mindset with Tai has become the go-to inspirational wellness support, community and solution for women, men, and corporations alike.

Founded by wellness entrepreneur, TV Host, and former magazine editor, Tai Beauchamp, Morning Mindset as it is affectionately known began as an Instagram Live Series in February 2020 when Tai Beauchamp decided to go live to share her morning routine to “elevate the heart, mind, and spirit.”

Hundreds and then thousands of people began to tune into her lives for daily inspiration, motivation, and fitness tips. Morning Mindset with Tai The Show has touched more than 100,000 people and reaches thousands daily.

An avid hiker, Tai shared her transformational spiritual and fitness journey as she worked to shed more than 20 pounds through hiking with the growing Instagram tribe. They were in awe and asked when they too could join. In November 2021, Morning Mindset with Tai: The Hike & Experience was born in LA’s Griffith Park with thirty-two attendees. Since then, the Hike & Experience has grown to upto 330 people in one month, with an average of 100 attendees monthly.

The Hike & Experience has spawned activations across the globe including curated-, branded-, corporate activations, and a global wellness retreat. Morning Mindset with Tai is on a mission to help women, especially Black and Brown women, affirm, move, connect, and reset their mindsets in order to reach their maximum wellness and fullest potential.

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